Text Editor

Java Text Editor

We are building a text editor using Java.

It is based on the Pure Java Font Renderer.

We will initially be targetting Java 1.1, Personal Java devices - and possibly other J2ME profiles.

Demonstration applet

Currently the text editor is at an embryonic stage.

The following demonstration shows a document displayed in a scrollable window.

It is intended primarily to give some indication of rendering performance.

It illustrates font rendering using:

  • Anti aliasing;
  • Drop shadows;
  • Textured backgrounds;
  • Background blending.
Text Editor snapshot

Text Editor close up
Text Editor close up

Run applet(Java applet)(Native JVM)(280K)
Run applet(Java applet)(Plugin JVM)(280K)
WebStart *(Java application)(WebStart)(280K)
Download(Jar file)(Jar)(280K)


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